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Roosy Roads water treatment plant overhaul goes out to bid

By The Star Staff

The Roosevelt Roads Local Redevelopment Authority announced Tuesday that a formal auction notice has been issued for the rehabilitation of part of the drinking water system on the grounds of the former U.S. Naval Base at Roosevelt Roads, through a competitive process led by the General Services Administration (ASG).

“The rehabilitation of critical infrastructure in [the former naval base] (drinking water system, sanitary water system, electricity transmission and distribution system, diversifying sources of electricity generation, among others), is a priority for the Authority, in order to promote economic development and job creation in the region,” said Joel A. Pizá Batiz, the executive director of the Roosevelt Roads Local Redevelopment Authority. “Multiple residential, commercial and tourism development projects are being undertaken in the aforementioned area. Therefore, projects to modernize critical infrastructure are indispensable for the sustainable development of the former base.”

Regarding the scope of the project, Pizá Batiz noted that “it consists of the modernization of a raw water treatment plant from the Río Blanco in Naguabo, with a capacity to process two million gallons per day.”

“In short, the project aims to replace the valves and other mechanical systems in the filtration plant,” he said. “In addition, structural repairs will be made to the raw water reservoir, which has a capacity of 43.6 million gallons, as well as architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural improvements to the administration building. In addition, to add greater resilience to the project, an emergency electrical generator will be installed. The modernization of this plant will impact 20,000 inhabitants daily and constitutes a firm step in compliance with state and federal standards and regulations.”

ASG Administrator and Chief Purchasing Officer Karla Mercado Rivera added that “at our agency we remain committed to providing agile and transparent processes for the recovery of Puerto Rico.”

“We call on all qualified companies to participate and be part of the competitive processes where we guarantee equal participation,” she said. “This project is vital so that the development that will be carried out can have the necessary resources in terms of a modern infrastructure with the capacity to provide greater efficiency.”

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