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San Juan installing solar traffic lights in Condado

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo (Photo by Richard Gutiérrez/The San Juan Daily Star)

By The Star Staff

The municipal administration of San Juan initiated the project to install new solar traffic lights in the Condado area this week, as part of the public policy of Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo aimed at guaranteeing the road safety of drivers and pedestrians, as well as its visitors, in the island capital.

The new solar traffic lights will be located at seven intersections of high vehicular flow, specifically Eduardo Conde Avenue and San Jorge Street, McLeary Street and Kingscourt Street, Ashford Avenue and Diego Avenue, Ashford Avenue and Manuel Rodríguez Serra Street, Ashford Avenue and Condado Avenue, Magdalena Avenue and Condado Avenue, and Magdalena Avenue and Cervantes Street.

When making the announcement, Romero Lugo stressed that the project is a high priority for his administration since it promotes stability in the operation of the traffic lights on the aforementioned thoroughfares through solar energy, while improving traffic safety and quality of life in the area.

“Using next-generation technology, we are modernizing and automating traffic lights on roads that have presented problems for years, for various reasons,” the mayor said in a written statement. “With this initiative, we seek to improve the mobility experience in the Capital City and reduce delays and traffic accidents. This project significantly influences urban planning, social development, businesses and the economy, and we aspire to be able to expand it to other intersections in San Juan.”

The project, which is being developed by the staff of the Department of Operations with a budget of $804,810, will be divided into two phases. The first includes the removal of unusable and non-reusable traffic management equipment, installation of new traffic lights, installation of traffic control cabinets, and excavations, as well as structural wiring for the new traffic lights.

For the operation of the traffic lights with solar energy, a photovoltaic system, solar panels, inverters and rechargeable batteries will be installed as part of the second phase of the project, and is projected to be completed by December.

With the installation of the new solar traffic lights, security cameras will also be installed that will serve to enforce the law against those who commit traffic crimes and/or to address emergency situations. Likewise, a video detection system called Grid Smart was acquired. It is a tool that monitors and classifies objects to improve safety at intersections. The technology has been shown to improve the handling of vehicular traffic and reduce car congestion, among other benefits.

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