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San Juan Mayor outlines security plan for Holy Week

By The Star Staff

The mayor of San Juan, Miguel A. Romero Lugo, reported that starting next Wednesday, March 27, the municipal administration will implement a comprehensive security plan, reinforcing preventive surveillance in coastal areas, main roads, communities and religious activities, such as processions, that are celebrated in the capital city on the occasion of Holy Week.

The plan will remain in force until Sunday, March 31 and consists, among other things, of strategically activating several units, including the Maritime Unit of the Municipal Police, who will maintain personnel from the area of the El Escambrón resort to Ocean Park beach, by land and sea.

Romero Lugo recalled that annually the municipality receives the visit of thousands of people who keep the tradition of visiting the churches of San Juan, while others go to the parks and beaches.

“In coordination with the security and emergency response team, we have outlined a comprehensive security plan to ensure the well-being and enjoyment of San Juan residents and visitors. We urge the public to observe and enjoy Holy Week in moderation and in control, to avoid tragedies in bodies of water, roads and communities,” the mayor urged.

For his part, the Commissioner of the Municipal Police, Juan Jackson, said that in coordination with the staff of the Municipal Office for Emergency Management “they will be vigilant to any situation that may occur in the coastal area of the city in order to respond quickly and effectively.”

Meanwhile, agents from the Traffic Division will participate in a campaign in conjunction with personnel from the Traffic Safety Commission in order to prevent and be vigilant against drivers who exceed blood alcohol limits and drink alcoholic beverages to drive motor vehicles, conduct that can cause fatal accidents on the roads.

Commissioner Jackson explained that, as part of the established security plan, the commanders of the three police zones reinforced preventive patrols in the interior of the communities of San Juan. They will also be providing assistance to churches and organizations in managing traffic so that they can carry out their processions safely.

In tourist areas, including Placita de Santurce, surveillance and traffic control services will be maintained, including the use of security cameras. The commissioner recalled that due to the increase in tourists visiting the island during the spring break at universities, a greater number of visitors are expected in those areas.

“We emphasize that, if anyone has drunk alcoholic beverages, they should give up the keys (to the car). We want families to enjoy themselves safely. We call for caution when visiting the beaches and be attentive to the bulletins issued by the National Weather Service in San Juan. We extend to citizens and families an invitation to visit the spas and areas designated for bathers, avoiding jumping into the sea in risk areas,” said the commissioner of the Municipal Police.

If you have an emergency that puts your life and property at risk, you are encouraged to call 9-1-1 immediately.

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