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SEC confirms that it will not certify independent Senate candidate

State Elections Commission Alternate Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera

By The Star Staff

The State Elections Commission (SEC) confirmed Monday that it will not certify Eliezer Molina Pérez as an at-large senator running as an independent because he failed to turn over evidence or the certifications that he had documents required by the Electoral Code.

The information was provided by SEC Alternate Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera.

“He will be notified that it was confirmed that he did not comply and that within the period given to him to present his evidence, he did not present it,” Padilla Rivera said.

Padilla Rivera said the notification must be made on Monday after SEC Secretary Rolando Cuevas returns from an official trip to El Salvador, where national elections were held on Sunday. Padilla Rivera added that the process will be conducted by email, which is the fastest way, followed by a phone call in which the applicant will be informed about the decision.

Separately, Molina Pérez accused the SEC of corruption and denied claims that he had not turned over required documentation.

Likewise, he announced that his lawyer will be Juan Antonio Corretjer, while commenting that the decision of the SEC was expected, “because it is becoming customary for the SEC to be an impediment for people to aspire to public office, because if we look at what the Constitution of Puerto Rico stipulates, half of the documents that these people request are unconstitutional.”

Padilla Rivera noted that last week she issued a resolution granting Molina Pérez until Wednesday of last week to bring the evidence to the SEC. The SEC had examined the Senate hopefui’s file and found that he did not have certifications showing he had taken steps to obtain documents required by the Electoral Code.

Molina Pérez previously ran as an independent gubernatorial candidate in the 2020 elections, receiving about 8,000 votes.

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