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Sen. Riquelme to run for re-election

Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera

By The Star Staff

Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera announced her candidacy for re-election in 2024 on Tuesday, promising to push for, among other proposals, a 2% cut in tax rates for individuals in the middle class ($30,000 to $55,000), the creation of a small and midsize business incubator for women and youth, and the creation of a network of assisted living complexes for older adults.

“We will continue to identify alternatives to help the middle class,” the at-large senator said. “My goal is to help people, directly. It’s high time our middle class gets tax relief. In line with the governor’s proposed tax reform, in 2025 we are going to file a bill for a fixed reduction of 2% for the middle class. This will have a multiplier effect on our economy, while we give relief to this vital sector of our society.”

“We are going to work with business incubators, together with private companies, in order to have a robust system of small and medium-sized enterprises,” Riquelme continued. “Meanwhile, we will focus on creating a new industrial base, centered on federal funds available for defense items. In Puerto Rico, uniforms and combat boots, among other items, are already being made. But with the billion-dollar injections that will come due to multiple conflicts, including Ukraine, Israel and tensions with communist China, more jobs and new businesses are now being created.”

Among those endorsing Riquelme’s re-election bid are Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia; Sen. Thomas Rivera Schatz, the New Progressive Party minority leader in the upper chamber; Mayors Federation President Gabriel “Gaby” Hernández Rodríguez; San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo; Rep. Víctor Parés Otero; retired Brig. Gen. Víctor Pérez; pastors Moises Carrasquillo, a leader of the Llorens Torres public housing complex, and Robert Gómez, a leader of the Dominican community on the island; and former Sen. Lucy Arce Ferrer.

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