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SIP drops complaint against Vazquez, prosecutor

Wanda Vázquez Garced, former Secretary of Justice and governor, and former Chief Prosecutor Olga Castellón Miranda.

By The Star Staff

A Special Independent Prosecutor (SIP) Panel probe found no evidence linking Wanda Vázquez Garced, former Secretary of Justice and governor, and former Chief Prosecutor Olga Castellón Miranda, to an alleged paralyzation of the investigations into the deaths of lawyer Carlos Cotto Cartagena and influencer Kevin Fret Rodriguez.

The SIP’s intervention at an early stage occurred when Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernandez ordered an investigation to avoid the mere appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Panel entrusted investigative prosecutor Crisanta González Seda to conduct a preliminary investigation to conclude whether there was evidence to recommend the appointment of a Special Independent Prosecutor (FEI).

In summary, prosecutor Betzaida Quiñones Rodriguez had made multiple public statements to the media since October 30, 2022, stating that Vãzquez Garced and the then chief prosecutor, Olga CastellOn Miranda, stopped two investigations she was conducting into the deaths of attorney Cotto Cartagena and Trap singer and artist Kevin Fret Rodriguez.

González Seda received the order to the probe and presented her report to the SIP, concluding that the allegations of the prosecutor Quiñones Rodríguez regarding the alleged paralysis of cases were not supported by the testimonies of witnesses or the evidence collected.

The preliminary investigation by the investigative prosecutor González Seda was very extensive and comprehensive, with 16 sworn statements and voluminous documentary evidence. Also, prosecutor Betzaida Quiñones Rodríguez was required to give a sworn statement on her allegations.

The Department of Justice, the Office of the Chief Prosecutor, the Commissioner of the Police Bureau, the Department of Public Security, and the Director of the Institute of Forensic Sciences, also provided information and testimonies on the matter.

During the investigation ordered by the PFEI, constant communications emerged between the prosecutor Quiñones Rodríguez, her supervisors, and other locals about various cases emerged.

Former Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vazquez said that once more she has proven that she conducted herself with honesty and integrity in her public service career.

Each time, she said, law enforcement agencies have found no evidence of allegations raised her. “All investigations have shown with compelling evidence the falsity of all and each allegation,” she said in written remarks.

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