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Suzanne Ujaque: A force to be reckoned with

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Authentic. Engaging. Inspiring. Suzanne Ujaque is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Little did the blogger and influencer know that her charismatic personality would pave the road to a successful career in advertising and public relations. And without even trying, she also developed her own brand addressing issues like self-esteem, body positivity, shape diversity and inclusion in her online platforms.

With an audience of 86,000 followers on Instagram, the Mayagüez native is breaking barriers and changing lives, one post at a time.

“I wake up every morning feeling like I’m queen of the world,” said the entrepreneur and motivational speaker. “You have to love yourself and celebrate your body. … Your weight does not define you. Women need to stop devaluating their bodies and start embracing their curves.”

Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Ujaque wants women of all ages, especially the younger generations, to know there are no limits and no rules. Younger girls, she noted, need to understand they are all perfect just the way they are.

“I want them to have real role models to look up to,” she emphasized. “I want them to know we are all fabulous; that with energy, passion, commitment and good intentions we can do anything.”

A natural born stylist, she admits owing her sharp fashion sense and confidence to her icon, her mother Susana Guzmán.

“I remember my mother being very fashionable always, her closet very organized, full of fabulous shoes in every color — I would tell myself, I want to be like her,” she recalled. “My mother always encouraged me, and celebrated me. She’d take me every week to a seamstress who would make me the dresses that I wanted, not what stores dictated I had to wear. Not once did my mom tell me I was too chubby for a design. To the contrary, she built up my confidence and self-esteem with pretty clothes and loving care.”

The creator of @sustyletv on IG and connects with her audience by curating fresh content on a daily basis. She made a name for herself by posting photos, stories and videos of herself rocking trendy runway looks and sharing fashion tips, tricks and ways to build up your wardrobe.

“Don’t shy away from polka dots or colorful patterns,” she tells her audience. “Wear bright colors, cropped tops, and by all means wear white! Who said curvy women can’t wear white? Say no to stigmas thought by others in the old days.”

Her mantra is, “Pamper yourself, love yourself, celebrate yourself.” Through positive messages, Ujaque is empowering women who struggle with confidence, strengthening their self-esteem.

“It is my mission,” she said. “I want to impact the lives of these beautiful women and help them be strong, proud, supremely confident and happy.”

The influencer also shares cooking recipes, designer cocktails and the latest in home decoration. Her page, which also includes life with her @luahpoodle, is an invitation to her home, meetings, workplace and projects.

“I’m passionate about everything I do,” she said. “And I love sharing tips. What works for me can inspire you.”

Trained in London and New York, where the relatable powerhouse learned the ropes of the business, Ujaque will host the fourth annual “Sustyle Expo” at the Puerto Rico Convention Center on April 30. Among the events planned for the Expo: fashion shows, health and nutrition clinics and beauty demonstrations. Those interested may contact organizers through Ujaque’s platforms. The event is free of charge, but attendees must register to get tickets.

Suzanne Ujaque currently hosts her own television segment in Telemundo Miami’s “Hoy Día” morning show. Previously she hosted radio and television segments in Puerto Rico, namely on Univisión, Fidelity and Estereotempo. She is also a popular motivational speaker, plus size expert and fashion consultant available for private and corporate events.

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