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Tax filing assistance centers open starting Monday

Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea

By The Star Staff

Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea announced that starting next Monday, March 13, the agency will make the Orientation and Return Preparation Center available for tax year 2022.

The appointment system is also available through, where taxpayers can select the most convenient Orientation and Preparation Center and schedule an appointment.

“As we announced, we are already offering assistance free of charge, in the preparation and filing of income tax returns to salaried individuals and pensioners,” Parés Alicea said. “Officials will also assist people with Federal Form 1040PR, and the Credit for Minor Dependents or Child Tax Credit (CTC). The service in the centers will be offered again by appointment, which can be coordinated through the turnospr platform.”

The Orientation and Return Preparation Centers will be located at: Plaza Las Américas (2nd floor, location 158); Plaza del Caribe in Ponce (2nd floor location 253); Mayagüez Mall (1st floor location 86); Plaza Carolina Mall (3rd floor location 25 A); and at Caguas City Hall (Casa Alcaldía) (1st floor, Lady Wilnelia Merced Forsyth Room).

To book an appointment, the taxpayer must access the link, select the Return Preparation Centers option and continue the process, according to the instructions. Once the appointment is coordinated, the taxpayer must appear at the selected center on the scheduled day, 15 minutes before the agreed time. If unable to attend, the taxpayer must cancel and coordinate a new appointment.

The centers will serve salaried and retired taxpayers who are U.S. citizens residing in Puerto Rico throughout the taxable year and whose returns only require the following schedules: Individual Schedules A (Applicable Deductions), A1 (Dependents and Beneficiaries of Contribution Accounts Education and My Future Accounts) and B (Recovery of Credits Claimed in Excess, Tax Credits and Other Payments and Withholdings); Schedule B2 (American Opportunity); Schedule CH (Assignment of Exemption Claim for Children of divorced or separated parents); Schedule CO (Optional Computation of Tax); Schedule FF (Interest, Dividends and Miscellaneous Income); Schedule H (Annuity or Pension Income) and Schedule IE (Excluded and Exempt Income).

In order for the tax return preparation process to be completed, citizens must have the following information on hand:

• Current photo identification card, such as a driver’s license or passport.

• Social Security number and dates of birth of the taxpayer, his spouse, if applicable, and his dependents.

• Active email address.

• Withholding Statements (Form 499-2W-2PR or Correction to the Withholding Statement (Form 499R-2c/W-2cPR), received for taxable year 2022.

• Informative Returns (Forms 480.6A, 480.6B, 480.6D and 480.7C, received for taxable year 2022.

• Evidence of deductions, such as mortgage interest (Form 480.7A) and interest paid on student loans, among others.

• If you are going to request the American Opportunity Credit (Schedule B2), you must present the following evidence: Forms 480.7G (Informative Declaration-Certification of Enrollment for the American Opportunity Credit), issued by the eligible institution, in the name of the student. You can also use Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement, filed with the IRS) as evidence. You must submit a copy of the student’s Criminal Record Certificate, issued by the Puerto Rico Police, no more than three months old. And if you claim educational expenses for the purchase of materials, you must include a schedule with the breakdown, the date of purchase, name of the business, description of the item and the total price paid. The annex must be accompanied by the purchase receipts and a copy of the handbook or document from the educational institution, indicating that the texts and materials are required.

• In the case of married persons filing together, if one of the spouses cannot be at the center, they must send Form SC2745, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representation, duly completed and signed, with a copy of valid photo identification. Married couples who file jointly and are going to apply for the CTC must both be present at the center.

Taxpayers who request assistance to claim the CTC must meet the following requirements: have income from salaries or pensions from Puerto Rico sources only, that does not exceed $75,000 or $150,000, in the case of married taxpayers filing jointly; they cannot have taxable income at the federal level and therefore, are not required to file the federal return; have qualifying dependents, as defined by the IRS and must provideIRS Form 13614-C Intake/Interview and Quality Verification Sheet, duly completed.

People who do not meet the aforementioned requirements will have the option of using the services of the IRS VITA Centers. For additional information, access or call 1 800 829-1040.

Taxpayers who have to make payments may do so at the time of filing the return, providing a checking or savings bank account number and the routing number of the institution. Payment may be made immediately or collection may be authorized at a later date, no later than the tax cycle deadline, Monday, April 17.

Payments may also be made through the SURI platform, after filing the form at the Center. Payment can be made using personal accounts in SURI or through the main page, without the need to register. Another payment option is by calling Hacienda Responde at 787 620-2323 option 3.

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