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Trade mission to Panama begins

Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel Cidre Miranda

By The Star Staff

Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC by its Spanish acronym) Secretary Manuel Cidre Miranda began a trade mission to Panama on Tuesday to increase exports from small and midsize Puerto Rican companies to the Central American country.

“Panama as an international air and port center is the ideal territory for entry into Central and South America,” Cidre Miranda said in a written statement. “Puerto Rico, being a territory of the United States, is the best option for Panamanian companies interested in the North American market.”

DDEC Assistant Secretary of Entrepreneurship and Business Development Soraya Morón added that “[f]rom today until Friday, we will be in meetings with companies and buyers who are already interested in our products or services.”

“Puerto Rican entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to generate business relationships with Panamanian companies,” she said.

Among the activities scheduled through Friday is the “Commercial Briefing” and the Investment Opportunities Forum in Puerto Rico, where investors and entrepreneurs in connection with Panama will participate.

Jorge Pagán, director of DDEC’s Trade and Export Program, stressed the importance of the mission.

“With this Mission we bring clients closer to our businessmen so that they can relate and coordinate new negotiations beneficial to both countries,” he said.

The trade missions are coordinated by the Trade and Export Program and are funded in part by a federal State Trade and Export Promotion grant from the United States Small Business Administration.

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