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Training to combat gender violence begins at municipal level

Gurabo Mayor Rosachely Rivera Santana

By The Star Staff

The Violet Flag Project, with the collaboration of various organizations and the Municipality of Gurabo, will begin training sessions on Thursday to combat gender violence at the municipal level.

“The purpose is to strengthen the structures that prevent and address gender-based violence and promote equity at the local level,” Gurabo Mayor Rosachely Rivera Santana said in a written statement.

The project aims to raise awareness of the problem and provide tools for municipalities to assist victims. In addition, it seeks to strengthen municipal capacities to face the factors that contribute to gender-based violence.

The municipalities that complete the training and adopt corresponding measures will receive a “Violet Flag” as a symbol of their commitment to the eradication of gender violence. Part of the process includes the adoption of safety protocols and municipal ordinances.

From May to June, municipalities were invited to participate in regional meetings, which reached 33 towns. Of that number, 19 municipalities have registered for training, including Fajardo, Maricao, Utuado and Toa Baja.

The educational modules will be virtual, running until Oct. 26.

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