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Treasury begins disbursing tax refunds early in cycle

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia and Acting Treasury Secretary Nelson Pérez Méndez announced the approval of some $67 million in tax refunds on Thursday, just 48 hours into the 2024 Tax Cycle.

“On Monday, February 12, 2024, the Department of the Treasury made available the Income Tax Return forms for the 2023 tax year, and reaffirming our commitment to begin disbursing tax refunds as soon as possible, we have approved $67.4 million in refunds for 29,933 tax forms out of a total of 75,207 tax forms that have been filed,” the governor said.

The digitalization of the tax system and the willingness of taxpayers to comply with their tax responsibilities allow for the efficient management of the processes, Pierluisi added.

“In my administration, we are committed to responding in an agile way to ensure that the money that belongs to citizens reaches their pockets as soon as possible,” the governor said.

Pérez Méndez said the payments will be reflected in taxpayers’ bank accounts in the coming days.

“As I told you, we are giving continuity to all the work in the department and especially to the tax cycle that has just begun,” the acting treasury chief said. “The commitment is to send recurring payrolls to comply with the payment of refunds from citizens who paid excess contributions.”

To complete and file the Individual Income Tax Return for tax year 2023, taxpayers will have several alternatives. They can use their personal SURI account, free of charge; file their tax forms through providers certified by the Treasury available on the website subject to the cost determined by each provider; or use the Return Specialists, certified by the Treasury and available on the SURI website https:/ /, search section. The latter service is also subject to the specialist’s cost.

All required evidence must be submitted electronically with the income returns through SURI. Additionally, before filing, taxpayers must verify their personal information, especially their name, Social Security number, bank account number, and name on the bank, to avoid delays and inconveniences with the direct deposit of refunds.

Like in previous years, the Treasury Department will soon announce the opening of several Centers for the Preparation and Filing of Electronic Tax Returns to assist salaried taxpayers and pensioners who need it.

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Oscar Melendez
Oscar Melendez
Feb 18

El gobierno de Puerto Rico tiene los impuestos más altos. Aquí todo es impuestos y burocracia gubernamental aplastando al ciudadano común.

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