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Union lodges complaint against SIF administrator

Noé Marcano Rivera, administrator of the State Insurance Fund Corporation

By The Star Staff

Union of State Insurance Fund Corporation Employees President María Medina has lodged a formal complaint with the Government Ethics Office against Noé Marcano Rivera, the State Insurance Fund Corporation (SIF) administrator, citing a potentially severe conflict of interest.

Medina said on Tuesday in a radio report that Marcano should not be director of the Automobile Accident Compensation Administration (ACAA) and the SIF simultaneously because the two entities have conflicting duties.

“We understand that the conflict of interest lies in the overlapping and potentially contradictory functions of the two agencies that Marcano directs, which could significantly compromise the impartiality required in their administrative responsibilities,” the union leader said, underlining the potential harm such a loss of impartiality could cause.

Medina noted that both corporations have an office rental relationship, which, in her opinion, represents a serious conflict of interest when issuing payments.

“ACAA has rented offices in the SIF. When those rents are going to be paid, will the administrator sign the checks that he will receive in the Fund?” she asked. “If that is not a conflict of interest, tell us what it is.”

The union leader added that since Marcano is an administrator of both corporations, he has privileged access to information about suppliers, personnel and medical faculty that he could use to benefit the other entity. For instance, he could use his position in the SIF to influence the selection of suppliers in favor of those already working with the ACAA, potentially leading to unfair competition and higher costs for the SIF.

“Since Mr. Marcano assumed the direction of both corporations, the Fund’s suppliers have begun to change to the same suppliers that ACAA has,” she pointed out. “In fact, the trust personnel who work with the administrator in the Fund are personnel hired by ACAA, this being a clear conflict.”

Medina stressed that it is essential that the leaders of the island’s government institutions act without any hint of conflict of interest to protect the well-being of all in Puerto Rico.

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