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UPR, maintenance workers reach agreement to end strike

University of Puerto Rico President Dr. Luis Ferrao Delgado

By The Star Staff

University of Puerto Rico (UPR) President Dr. Luis A. Ferrao Delgado said late Monday that university officials had reached an agreement with the Workers’ Union that ends the strike that began last Wednesday, Feb. 15.

“We have always recognized the urgency of doing wage justice to the employees of the University of Puerto Rico,” Ferrao said in a written statement. “Since I assumed the presidency, I have had as a priority to meet this need; we are committed to employees being part of and benefiting from the salary increase through the budget request to the Office of Management and Budget, which would have to be approved by the Legislature and by the Fiscal [Financial] Oversight [and Management] Board.”

He added that they also agreed to a one-time bonus of $2,750 for the labor union. The agreement put an end to the strike and therefore the injunction filed by UPR was withdrawn.

“I appreciate the support of the President of the Governing Board, Ricardo Dalmau, and other members of the Board,” Ferrao said.

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