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UPR Utuado campus seeks future farming business leaders

UPR Utuado Chancellor Luis A. Tapia Maldonado (

By The Star Staff

The University of Puerto Rico in Utuado (UPRU), the UPR campus with the lowest student enrollment, has launched the “AgroExperiencia Empresarial” campaign to redefine training in agriculture by integrating business aspects to develop future farming business leaders on the island.

UPRU Chancellor Luis A. Tapia Maldonado emphasized that the AgroExperiencia Empresarial campaign is not just an initiative, but also a unique opportunity for prospective students. It is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey in agricultural entrepreneurship, designed to attract a new generation of students who are not just interested in agriculture, but who also aspire to become leading agribusinessmen, he said.

“At UPRU, we understand that agricultural education must evolve,” the UPRU chancellor said. “‘AgroBusinessExperience’ is not only an educational process. It is a journey of self-discovery and learning, developed to cultivate our future students’ skills, passion for agriculture, and business vision.”

UPRU stands out as an essential driver of economic development in the central region through its agribusiness programs, which are focused on converting students and entrepreneurs into innovative leaders in the agricultural sector. Founded from an Agricultural Technology course, the programs stimulate participants to discover market needs and solutions and create novel agricultural products.

The “AgroExperiencia Empresarial” campaign will be deployed on a wide range of platforms with advertising guidelines in print and digital media, as well as on radio and television. The strategy will be complemented by captivating stories of successful agribusiness owners on social media and reinforced with a robust digital strategy, including promotional videos that seek to not only highlight UPRU’s academic environment but also inspire a new generation of students to immerse themselves in the rich agribusiness experience that the institution offers.

The chancellor of UPRU called on students passionate about nature and those interested in sustainable agriculture to join the “AgroBusiness Experience.”

Tapia Maldonado also announced that the New Admission Policy Pilot Plan, which seeks to increase student admission to UPR, remains in force.

“We want to remind you that the pilot plan, which has sparked great interest among the community to study at UPRU, offers a more flexible approach to entry requirements,” he said. “We no longer require the University Admission Tests known as the College Board, and applicants for enrollment will be evaluated by an average of 2.0 or higher. This is your opportunity to sow the seeds of your future as farmers and entrepreneurs. We invite the community in general to explore our programs and services on the institution’s official portal.”

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