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Valentino’s rosso: The new pink?

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

If anyone has the power and influence to command the fashion world’s next direction, it is Pierpaolo Piccioli.

I mean, he just gave us a pretty in pink 2022, making the electric hue of pink the color of choice for everyone everywhere, from celebrities and macho men to influencers and royals. And of course, you and me. Even though fuchsia is a color I’ve never stopped loving and wearing in small amounts since elementary school, somehow Piccioli gave us permission to wear it from head to toe, at all times. Monochromatic. Without a hitch!

So, what’s next? Can he be doing it again? The man who turned fuchsia into a neutral color matching it with every color under the sun, now gives us #Rosso.

Rosso is the new red in the Maison Valentino. It’s not cherry, and it is not burgundy. It’s a powerful red hue with darker undertones than the signature Valentino red, according to the brand. The luxe label is using it for their new campaign, which is celebrating the Chinese New Year. It’s really a tribute to China’s culture.

Rosso was not launched alone. It comes full throttle with #ValentinoToileIconographe, the new print envisioned by Piccioli, who describes it as “a repetitive pattern that invades the visual field unifying the entire outfit.”

The 1970s-inspired capsule collection features looks in #Rosso and black in Ready-to-Wear garments, coats, blouses, bags, mini skirts, high boots, hats, belts and tights. The House of Valentino starts 2023 with the hypnotic pattern, calling it “unique, liberating, exaggerated and iconic.”

Not thrilled about the Chinese New Year? Think Valentines!

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