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Vega Alta culture carnival enters 35th year

By The Star Staff

The public can enjoy art and culture Feb. 24-26 at the 35th edition of the traditional Vegalteño Carnival in Vega Alta.

Following the tradition of its late founder Don Miguel Curbelo, the carnival will be held in the Gilberto Concepción de Gracia Public Square.

Rodney Curbelo, spokesman for the event and son of Don Miguel, said the carnival celebration arose about 40 years ago from the need to fill a void of tradition, art and culture in the municipality.

“We have followed the tradition of our father; our family is part of this celebration where the best of the artistic cultural work of our people is presented,” Curbelo said, noting that the carnival is a nonprofit organization established by his late father in 1983.

He added that the event is coordinated in collaboration with volunteer groups and with the administration of the Municipal Government of Vega Alta and its mayor, María Vega.

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