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Villafañe makes candidacy for resident commissioner official

Sen. William Villafañe Ramos

By The Star Staff

Sen. William Villafañe Ramos filed his candidacy for resident commissioner for the New Progressive Party (NPP) on Sunday.

“I am definitely ready to represent all Puerto Ricans in the federal capital, having as a priority defending the rights of American citizens who reside on the island, as well as fighting not only for political equality, but also for equal access to opportunities, services and benefits that are taken for granted in other parts of the United States,” Villafañe Ramos said in a written statement.

In his message, the candidate highlighted the importance of “Puerto Rico having a voice that represents our interests in the federal capital.”

“A voice that not only masters the art of diplomacy, but also transmits our message of dissatisfaction and discontent in the face of unequal and unworthy treatment,” Villafañe Ramos said. “A voice that makes the cry of the Puerto Rican people resonate in every corner of the corridors of power in Washington. This is not just a political challenge; it is a moral call, a cry from the heart of every Puerto Rican who longs for justice. We stand up to say that enough is enough, that the time for equality has arrived.”

“I will address the question of the political status of Puerto Rico,” the NPP senator continued. “This is an issue that has deeply affected our identity and development as a people. I will work with the United States Congress to find a fair and lasting solution to this matter, always seeking the best interest of Puerto Rico. As your servant, I will fight tirelessly for a fairer, freer and more prosperous Puerto Rico. This commitment is not a political promise, but a sacred pact with every Puerto Rican who longs for a better future.”

“I carry in my heart every hope, every dream, every challenge we face, and with that strength, I will continue forward in our common struggle,” added the former La Fortaleza chief of staff and government secretary.

The filing took place at the Police Members Association in Guaynabo.

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