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With pedestrian fatalities rising, Traffic Safety Commission steps up crosswalk awareness campaign

Traffic Safety Commission Executive Director Luis Rodríguez Díaz

By The Star Staff

Traffic Safety Commission (CST by its Spanish initials) Executive Director Luis Rodríguez Díaz said Wednesday that given the increase in pedestrian fatalities, the CST is reinforcing its campaign urging drivers to respect pedestrian crossings.

Statistics reflect that so far this year 20 pedestrians have died, six more than last year.

Rodríguez Díaz said the educational campaign “Put Yourself in Their Shoes and Avoid Being Fined” is accompanied by the allocation of over $92,000 to pay state and municipal police to carry out preventive patrols and interventions to identify drivers who stop on the crosswalk or park on sidewalks, obstructing the path of pedestrians.

“Statistics reported show an increase in pedestrian deaths,” the official pointed out.

The campaign will continue through Sunday .

As reported, in addition to respecting crosswalks, the campaign provides additional advice, such as not blocking sidewalks and yielding to pedestrians. When you see a vehicle yielding to a pedestrian, do not pass the pedestrian.

The municipal police forces participating in the educational and preventive effort will be those from San Juan, Guaynabo, Hatillo, Isabela, Ponce, Camuy, Bayamón, and the Traffic Division of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau. In addition, any driver who does not respect a pedestrian crossing is exposed to a fine of $150.

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