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Women’s advocate, Statistics Institute promote ‘Needs of Working Women’ survey

Acting Women’s Advocate Madeline Bermúdez Sanabria

By The Star Staff

The Office of the Women’s Advocate and the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics invited working women on Tuesday to complete the “Needs of Working Women” survey.

“This survey was created to promote tools that help us fulfill our mission,” Acting Women’s Advocate Madeline Bermúdez Sanabria said in a written statement.

“The results will aid in efforts to develop strategies that help improve the living conditions of working women,” Statistics Institute Executive Director Orville Disdier Flores said.

Under the slogan “We Are All Working Women,” the questionnaire is aimed at all working women in the public and private sector, housewives, caregivers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. The topics included in the survey are: current employment situation, work environment, breastfeeding, maternity, structure and needs of the house and home, quality of life, physical health and emotional health.

The electronic questionnaire is available on the Institute of Statistics website and participation is voluntary and anonymous. The survey will be available until June 16. Once the answers have been collected, the data will be analyzed and statistics will be generated for the subsequent presentation of the results.

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