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Zaragoza confirms he will run for governor under the PDP

Sen. Juan Zaragoza Gómez

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Sen. Juan Zaragoza Gómez has confirmed that he will run for governor under the PDP emblem.

He is the first candidate to announce his intentions to run for governor under the PDP banner. Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz, the PDP president, has also expressed interest in running for governor.

“I address you as the official candidate for governor of the Popular Democratic Party,” Zaragoza Gómez said on social media. “To my PDP sisters and brothers and all the people of Puerto Rico, I offer my commitment to work with determination, responsibility, and honesty to achieve better social and economic well-being for all of us who live in this beautiful land.”

He said he came to work with conviction for the island.

“I will distance myself from the slogans, refrains, and false promises that career politicians usually resort to, and I put at the disposal of my people the capacity, experience, and background that I have cultivated over more than four decades of work in private companies and the public service,” he said.

“Puerto Rico deserves more than we have and cannot settle for less,” Zaragoza Gómez wrote. “Therefore, today I take a step forward to make the dream come true that a better Puerto Rico is possible.”

Zaragoza Gómez, a former Treasury secretary, revealed that he already has an electoral structure in the 78 municipalities and will soon announce the members of his campaign team.

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