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SEC to evaluate complaint related to ballot design

State Elections Commission Interim Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera

By The Star Staff

State Elections Commission (SEC) Interim Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera confirmed in a radio interview Wednesday that the commission will take up a proposal made by the Citizen Victory Movement Rep. Mariana Nogales Molinelli to the SEC’s plenary session regarding the design of the ballot and the “write in” vote column for the general elections on Nov. 5.

Nogales Molinelli said the current ballot model has a small space for writing a candidate’s full name, which must be done with a marker in a dark space.

“The electoral commissioners in the Plenary Commission are the ones who deal with all electoral matters, including the [design] of the ballot. Yes, we understand the suggestion that Representative Nogales makes to be reasonable, since it was in the same situation that we had in the Guánica case of the direct nomination of the candidate at that time, Edgardo Cruz, where his name was written with Sharpie in that space and Yes, it was a challenging issue to be able to identify that it said the full name of the candidate, which is what the Electoral Code says,” the commissioner said. “So, obviously, in response to her claim, which we know and recognize is a reasonable claim, it will be brought to the full commission so that it can be evaluated and taken into consideration.”

Nogales Molinelli said her request, if granted, would benefit not only her but the rest of the candidates who will run as write-in candidates.

“We are going to be waiting for the determination of the commissioners and for us to be notified in writing of that determination,” the lawmaker said. “Notice that when one raises legal proposals, what one is doing is bringing proposals for the rights of the voter. Also, the approach favors other candidates who are running by direct nomination, as in the case of my colleague Rafael Bernabe and Eliezer Molina, who is also running by nomination, so it is not a claim that only benefits me, but that benefits all people.”

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